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Hello and Welcome!

Posted by Thirtysomething Finance on November 18, 2009

To quote a world renowned and widely-respected doctor, “Hi, everybody!” I’d like to welcome you to Thirtysomething Finance! This is my first foray into the wide world of blogging — at least in terms of generating content. I’ve been reading various blogs for years, some on the regular, and some on occasion, and I’ve decided that it’s time to cross over and start getting some of my own stuff out there!

Here is a little bit about me. In a nutshell, and as I will explain in further detail as we get to know each other, I graduated from a private university in 2002 and from a private law school in 2005 with debt in the six figure neighborhood. I began working at a large corporate law firm in 2005 and purchased a condo in 2007. Don’t worry, though — while I’m clearly good at racking up debt, I’ve put money towards retirement, have put together an emergency fund, and have chipped away some of my debt. But I’ve become motivated to chip away more of it.

As I approach the tail end of my twenties, I realize that a lot of people my age, give or take a few years, don’t seem to have much direction as far as personal finance is concerned. At the same time, personal finance is (or probably should be) a major concern for a lot of people my age. Some people have gone so far as to hire financial planners, but I’ve been going my own way since I got out of law school about 4 1/2 years ago (though I’d imagine I’ll hire a planner once I pay off a substantial amount of my debt). Some might say I’ve made some mistakes along the way, and I invite anybody’s opinion, but I’m more or less content with where I’m at and am not interested in looking backwards.

Over the past year or so, I’ve really gotten into reading personal finance blogs. There are so many good ones out there, and I’ve listed some of my favorites in my Blogroll. These blogs provide lots of great insight into a variety of topics, from what the experts say your budget should look like to investing, from saving for retirement to credit cards. In my travels, I’ve found many different opinions on a variety of personal finance topics: the more I read, the more I like, and the better my perspective for making my own personal financial decisions! I decided I had to get out there to share my two cents and to create a place where others can share theirs!

So I’ve decided to start a blog that is more or less devoted to personal finance for people like me: thirtysomethings. I envision this blog as a place where I can write about my own take on various aspects of personal finance, with the occasional post about current events, pop culture, life in general, anything. I promise to rant as little as possible 🙂 As I mentioned on my About Me page, I’m a really big music fan, so I’m sure there will be more than a few music-related posts on here. Regardless of the topic, my purpose here is to provide my perspective, and I’m definitely interested in hearing what people think, so please feel free to leave comments here or to send me an E-Mail.

So here we go. I’m hitting save, so there’s no turning back. May our time together be productive, profitable, interesting, and enjoyable!



3 Responses to “Hello and Welcome!”

  1. Ninja said

    Welcome to the club my friend!

  2. Jeff said

    Welcome, I look forward to reading you blog. 34 here so I fit you demographics.

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