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About Thirtysomething Finance (“TSF”)

Hi there!  I am an almost thirtysomething guy living in a major city along the Eastern Seaboard.  I am a young professional, having attended college at a Nerdy Nine univeristy and an Ivy League law school. Unfortunately, I am not a Trustifarian, which means I am no stranger to student loan debt (both federal and private)! To add to that, I am a homeowner, and I can tell you all about mortgages and HELOCs.

In my ample spare time (jk — um, did I mention I’m a corporate lawyer with a large firm?!), I am an avid music fan. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 or so, and I love listening to all kinds of music (yes, even rap and country), both live and in person. Along those lines, don’t be surprised to see music-related posts popping up here and there.

I’m sure I’ll be revealing more about myself in dribs and drabs as I post more, but in the meantime, welcome! Please make yourself comfortable, and don’t hesitate to drop me a line to say hello! You can now follow me on Twitter: @30sFinance!


10 Responses to “About Thirtysomething Finance (“TSF”)”

  1. J. Money said

    nice! really love music myself. welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Great site! I’ll be keeping tabs on your progress. It looks like you have a cool mix of eclectic topics to offer!

  3. Ben said

    welcome to the Blogosphere!

  4. Hey man thanks for visiting my site. How’s big corporate law doing this year? I’m impressed with your massive $160,000+ base salaries right out of law school!

    Do you think the bonus structure will ever increase to the point of banker size bonuses?

    • Thanks! Believe me, they take pieces of young lawyers’ souls in exchange for that high starting salary 🙂 I’m not at a firm with starting salaries quite that high, but certainly nothing to complain about.

      For the most part, bonuses at law firms will never be nearly as big as those at banks, at least not for associates — the idea is that partnership is the brass ring that you strive for, and once you reach it, the real money starts coming in. That’s only the case at a number of law firms and under certain circumstances, and overall, I sometimes think associates get shafted. Don’t get me wrong — the salary is great, but as you can see from my PAYDAY! post (and as I will discuss in further detail in an upcoming post, I have pleeenty of debt to show for it.

      I don’t mean to rant — and I’m really trying to focus on what I have, rather than what I don’t…overall, things could certainly be worse!

      Thanks again for coming by — love your blog!

      • Good stuff man! Would love to know how long it takes for the normal gung-ho associate to get to partner at one of those big law firms.

        What do you think my tennis buddy is making at Shearman & Sterling as a partner? I think he made partner 4 years ago. Is it safe to say $1million/yr minimum?

        I’m always impressed with how many successful people there are all around. It just seems like all you have to do is study hard and WANT it, and you’ll get it in time. Which makes me wonder why folks complain so much about their finances.

        Look forward to your new payday post!



  5. Ro said


    I have enjoyed your posts so far. I tried to subscribe myself to get emails when you post, but the link I receive in my email to confirm the subscription is a login to WordPress. It does not seem right, so I thought I would let you know.


    • Ro,

      Thanks for your comment and for raising this issue! There should be a “Subscribe by E-Mail” field on the left side of the page. I just subscribed to a different E-Mail address of mine, and it worked. I’m going to try to subscribe you — see if you get an E-Mail with a link to subscribe. Thanks for reading!


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